Their Only Sin – Part Two

But, when she tried to pass, the armed guard raised his bayonet. She went a little further and tried again. Once again, raised bayonets and cold, mean stares. That’s when she realized the men she thought would protect her only wanted to block and prevent her from entering the school. With nowhere else to go, she needed to get back to the bus stop. As she began to walk away, her tormenters stepped in behind her.

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Cult Mentality

First, I’ll set the scene.Tuesday’s MAGA Rally in Hershey, PA. As per the norm, seated behind POTUS (and, therefore, always on camera) is a group of the most enthusiastic, over-the-top Trump fans you’ll ever see. During his speech, we suddenly see these people start pointing and booing at something in the crowd seated opposite them. […]

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