Miss IRC

After ignoring a couple of calls from a random number, I finally get fed up and answer. This is a recap of the conversation which ensued.

“HELLO” (My voice said hello, my tone said WHAT!?!?”)
“Hello, this is (mumble, mumble, talking too fast for anyone to understand). Is this Den-a Pritchett?”
“Who is this again?”
(Mumble, mumble, talk too fast). “Is this Den-a Pritchett?”
“I’m sorry, I still didn’t catch your name.”
(Slight slower but still unclear) “Is this Den-A Pritchett?”
“Can you spell your first name for me? I’m not sure I have it right and I hate calling people by the wrong name. It’s so embarrassing, ya’ know?”
(Slowly spells a first name which I no longer remember) “Is this Den-a Pritchett?”
“Who did you say you were with again?”
“IRC. Is this Den-a Pritchett?”
“What does IRC stand for?”
“Independent Research Assistants. I just need to confirm you’re Den-a Pritchett, and your mailing address is….”
“What’s IRC’s mailing address?”
“(Random # and street), Jacksonville, FL. You are Den-a Pritchett and your address is….?”
“What kind of business is IRC?”
“I am not obligated to disclose that until I confirm that you are Den-a Pritchett at 512…..”
“Hold on a minute. You want me to tell you where I live but you won’t even tell me what IRC does to make money? That doesn’t seem quite fair, does it?””
‘“I already have your information here anyway, I just need you to confirm it.”
“Well, I don’t think I’m obligated to disclose the confirmation. So there.”
“So, this is Den-a Pritchett at..?”
“You tell me and I’ll tell you. Or,we could disclose at the same time. Want to do it on three? 1, 2,3….”
“Hello? Hello? Miss IRC, are you still there?”
“Miss IRC?”
Look at my phone and think, hmm…I believe that bitch hung up on me. That was kind of rude.

(That was like a week ago and no one from IRC has called me again. They’re obviously not in the “We Can Take A Joke” business, huh?!)

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