Charlottesville – Superiority vs. Equality

Based on the assumption that most people neither encourage nor condone it, I want to take violence out of the equation for a minute and take a look at what we are left with.

On one side, you have a group whose whole ideology is based on a belief of white superiority. Within this movement, you will find sub-groups whose aversion is directed mostly toward one particular faction of society, i.e. black or Jewish. But, it all comes back to the same mindset that white people are better than everybody else. On this side, you will only find one color of skin because this group is exclusive.

On the other side, you will find a very diverse group of people. You’ll find all colors of skin in this crowd; black, white, brown and different mixtures of all three. No one on this side is claiming to be the best because this group is inclusive. They refute superiority with a message of EQUALITY.

When you remove the violence, you shut down the argument of who struck first, most, and hardest. It then becomes a question of morals. On which side do your values lie?

One more thing….in regard to those of you who would like to think this was all about a statue, you are fooling yourself. The monument was only a symbol. It wasn’t the real reason for organizing this protest. Think about this…What if they were told all the civil war monuments would be removed but segregation was going to be reinstated? What do you think they would chose? If these white supremacists could have their own restaurants, restrooms, etc., they’d be crushing those statues as we speak.

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