Take The Knee

So, let me get this straight….You are outraged about an NFL player “taking the knee”, but are okay with the POTUS adding fuel to an already sensitive fire by referring to these men as “sons of bitches” in a public forum?

You consider a silent protest (not directed toward active military or veterans) to be disrespectful, yet you’re okay with Trump publicly calling McCain (who served in the military from 1958-1981 and spent 5 1/2 years as a POW) “not a war hero”, “foul mouthed” and “a loser”?

You believe this behavior to be a fire-able offense, but you think “bold face” lying to the American people, attempted bribery to cover-up an investigation, pushing a fellow NATO leader out of the way at a photo shoot, and sharing confidential information about an ISIS threat with a Russian Ambassador aren’t reasons to rethink who currently holds the office of the “leader of the free world”?

Maybe Trump could take the time to listen to the issues that have led these American citizens to feel the protest is warranted and address their concerns instead of provoking them into a twitter feud and prompting even more players to get involved.

Or, maybe the NFL protest and/or the NBA players who don’t want to accept an invitation to the White House aren’t what the POTUS should be focused on right now. Maybe there are more important matters like the North Korean threat or restoring power to the American territory of Puerto Rico that need his attention. Do you think it’s possible Trump’s priorities are out of order?

NO WAY! It’s all those damn football players fault. They’re the reason America is not great again!! Let’s stop watching! That’ll show ’em!!! SMH… Maybe some of us need to check our priorities as well…

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