The Right to Bear Arms

When I was probably 7 years old, me, my mom, and my sister got robbed at gunpoint while sitting in our car at a red light. Dude just came up out of nowhere and opened the driver’s side door. We were all in the front seat; I was in the middle. He reached around behind my mother and pointed the gun at me. I swear I still remember what he said, “Give me all your money or I’m gonna kill this pretty little girl right here.” She did, and he took off running, I guess.

I‘m sure that has a lot to do with why I’ve always hated guns so much. I don’t even want to look at one; and damn sure won’t ever own one. Since I’d rather just pretend they don’t exist, I’ve never paid much attention to gun laws. Until now.

When I saw those dudes in camouflage carrying assault weapons at the Charlottesville rally, I thought they were fake guns at first. There’s no way in hell they’d let them walk around in public with real guns like that, right? Wrong! I started hearing the term “open carry” state. Okay, so that’s some screwed up thing they do in Virginia, but nowhere else, right? Wrong!! I saw the same thing at the Trump rally in Phoenix the next week, and again tonight in St. Louis. I decided it was time to stop pretending and google the shit. Now, I’m almost sorry I did.

Democrats believe in stricter gun laws. I knew I agreed with that, I just didn’t know how much I agreed because I had no clue how lax the laws are. It literally blows my mind. It’s one thing to have a gun in your home for personal safety. But, what the hell is the benefit of allowing people to walk around in public with assault rifles? With or without a permit, that shit is just nuts!

No wonder so many people get shot and killed every day. No wonder we have mass shootings. Did you know that in the state of Georgia, a person with a history of mental illness, even someone who is currently on medication for one such illness can buy and carry a gun? The only exception, if they’ve been hospitalized within the past five years, they must get a release form signed by a doctor. Why even bother with that one stipulation? What a joke. I can’t even….

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