We Got Played!

To All My Fellow Americans;

We got played! Like a fiddle. The man we elected as our leader set us up. And, we fell for it.

You see, we were getting along famously, and it all started with Harvey and Irma. The back to back hurricanes caused mass destruction and left millions of people in catastrophic distress. We, as a nation, joined together and came to their aid. Ordinary citizens risked their own safety to save the lives of their neighbors. We used social media to identify those in dire straits and notify emergency personnel of their location. Through Facebook live feeds, we sat for hours with those in the grip of the tragedy to offer encouragement and let them know they weren’t alone. People from all across the country donated their time, money and resources to help complete strangers who had lost so much. We offered a helping hand with no regard to the race, nationality, or religion of the ones we assisted. We felt a bond and it gave us hope.

Then, Trump stirred the pot. It was a controversy that had pretty much blown over. No one was talking about the “taking the knee” protest anymore. That was so last season. But, he brought the dispute back to the forefront and made statements that were so outrageous (sons of bitches should be fired) people couldn’t help but take notice. People who weren’t previously involved began to react. He continued his jabs. He poked at the players of a different sport to get even more people in the mix. He escalated the argument to the point that made it almost impossible to remain neutral. The involved parties felt they had no choice but to make a stand.

The American public responded the way he hoped we would. We began to argue amongst ourselves. Emotions ran high and tempers flared. Beliefs were strong on both sides of the debate. The feud became heated as more and more of us wanted to make our voices heard. We were once again a nation divided. We became so focussed on the conflict, we were no longer paying attention to what else was going on. And, Trump had us exactly where he wanted us to be.

Maybe now we wouldn’t recognize the lack of concern for our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico. Because, face it, Trump just didn’t have it in him to travel the distance across the “big ocean” just so he could be photographed handing out sandwiches to people who couldn’t even vote in the next election. Maybe he could slip it by us that the third attempt to repeal and replace never had a chance of success. Blaming it on the obstructionist Democrats had by this time lost its’ charm. And, most of all, he hoped he could back away from his threats to “Little Rocket Man” but make us believe it was the other way around. No way he was going to admit he’d gone too far. He’d sooner block the missiles himself. He could catch them in his huge hands or let them ricochet off his enormous ego.  

All in all, his strategy worked out beautifully. Coverage of the stories mentioned above has been overshadowed by the free-for-all, all out brawl over the NFL take the knee protest.  A melee of his own creation. He sparked the fire, fueled the flame, and took refuge behind the flames.


Well played, Donnie. Score one for POTUS.

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