Deport Trump

I get emotional thinking about adults who flee violence, poverty and other desperate situations and try to make it to the United States for a chance at a better life. If I tried to talk about the innocent children, I wouldn’t be able to get through two sentences without having to top. So, I will just give a few thoughts on the people who cross our southern border, both legally and not.

The claim that most people coming into our country from Mexico and other Central American countries are drug dealers, gang members and rapists who only want to wreck havoc on American streets is a bunch of bull. I’m not saying that doesn’t happen, but the reason if there weren’t Americans wanting to buy, the drug dealers wouldn’t be coming here to sell. Drug cartels and gangs don’t want to be here on a permanent basis. In many places, they are the ones in charge. Why would they want to come to the US to stay? They do their business and leave. People who are trying to become permanent residents of the US are the ones who do not want to be in that life.

Being in the restaurant business for the last 30 years, I have had the priviledge to work with many people who moved here from a country to our south. Most of the time, I don’t know the exact circumstances which led them here, or what it took to get here. Common sense tells me someone wouldn’t leave their home if not for a good reason. So, if they are successful and make it to life in the US, they are very thankful to be here. They’re not out there comitting crimes, putting their opportunity at risk. They want to contribute to society not take from it. And, they’re willing to work as long and as hard as they have to to make it here.

One last thing. We all remember the floods in Houston and surrounding communities in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey last year. Thousands and thousands of people stranded in horrific conditions needed rescue. If it weren’t for ordinary citizens pitching in to help, many more lives would have been lost. What if it was you or someone you loved in that life threatening situation? Would you have asked the guys who showed up with a boat to get you to safety if they were a legal American citizen? If it was your eldery father or grandfather stuck in the cab of his truck, would you have checked the papers of the men making a human chain and risking their own lives to save the senior citizen? I am quite certain that among those “Heros of Harvey”, there were individuals who entered this country illegally. I read a story of a 23 year old DACA receipient who was killed trying to save others. These people not only risked their lives, they risked their freedom and deportation to save the lives of people who are all for “building that wall”. Think about that.


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