Honest Politician is an Oxymoron

What irks me the most about politicians – and I’m talking about BOTH parties – is this:

During the primaries, they talk so much shit about their opponent; like if would be the worst thing ever if they were elected. But, then the loser turns around and gives that same person their support and campaigns for them. Of course, there’s never an explanation for their change of heart. I mean, were all those negative things a lie? If not, who changed? Did they suddenly become a better candidate (and person)? Or did you decide you were okay with the faults and character flaws you told us made them unfit for the job?

I believe this shows it’s just all a game to them. They will say or do anything in order to get elected. Then, once in office, they expect us to believe their intentions are good and they have our best interests in mind. I call BS!

I think it’s time to take the “money” out of campaigns. Do away with all the television commercials. The ability to buy prime “air time” shouldn’t matter. That money could be used to bring some of the promised changes into fruition. Instead of filming a 60 second TV spot, get out and talk to the people you are vying for the chance to represent. Hold “town halls” to get your message out and hear the concerns of your potential constituents. Reserve the TV time for debates, where real issues are discussed. It’s not about who can come up with the catchiest tune or who finds the funniest way to throw their opponent under the bus. Run on your own merits! Convince us why you should get the job – not why your opponent shouldn’t.

Holding public office means making decisions that will affect many lives. The job is important and comes with some serious obligations. The amount of money someone can raise shouldn’t make them more or less qualified for the position. Plus, when it comes down to it, anyone who bases their choice on a TV ad shouldn’t be voting anyway.

Take the money out of running for office and replace it with some honesty instead!

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