Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

I always read the comments on local news stories and social media posts. Many times I regret doing so because people can say some really disturbing things. It shocks me that there are people in this world with such a negative mindset. Knowing they live in my community is scary.

One example of this is the way many people talk about shooting someone. They seem to think a person should be shot for any small infraction. I don’t disagree with a person’s right to have a gun in their home to defend themselves and their family should the need arise. What I’m talking about is the ones who want to take this right to the extreme. “A car turned around in my driveway”; “They’d be sorry if that was my driveway.” or “A man accidentally brushed against my wife at Walmart and then said excuse me.”; “That’s why I’m always locked and loaded when I go to the store.” It’s ridiculous. They talk as if they wish someone would do something that would give them a reason to pull out their gun.

These same people are the ones who don’t think gun control would help prevent school shootings. They place the blame on things like video games or taking prayer out of the classroom for the rise in these kind of incidents. And, of course, they also like to point the finger at bad parenting. If a student takes a gun to school, or threatens to do so, they must not have been raised right.

Does it not occur to these adults that their attitudes about firearms might not be setting a positive example? I’m sure many of the people making these kind of comments are just “talking big”. They probably wouldn’t shoot someone who may very well be in the wrong but doesn’t pose an actual threat. But, the young people who hear their braggadocio might not realize this. They may come away believing that a gun is the best way to solve problems with other people. And, in my opinion, that kind of influence is far more dangerous than any video game.


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