Life in 1963

I am 55 years old. The following is a glimpse into what life was like the year I was born.

In 1963, Women COULD NOT:
Serve on a jury.
Get a credit card (Or apply for any form of credit) without 
their husband or male relative’s signature.
Refuse sex to their husband. (Marital rape was not against
the law)
Be prescribed birth control unless married with
husband’s approval.
Practice law.

It was also LEGAL to fire a woman for being pregnant, not hire a woman just because they were female, and pay a women less than a man doing same job.

In 1963, African Americans COULD NOT:
Serve on a jury.
Vote under same rules and restrictions as white people.
Attend white schools without the threat of violence.
Sit anywhere other than balcony in movie theater.
Be a news anchor unless their identity was hidden behind a screen.

It was LEGAL for a business to have a “No Blacks Allowed” policy, to restrict a black person from using white only restrooms and water fountains, charge extremely higher interest and insurance rates for African Americans to keep them out of white neighborhoods. If a black person was discriminated against at the workplace, school, or in a court of law, they had absolutely no claim for recourse.

I am 55 years old. In MY LIFETIME, this country LAWFULLY and OPENLY operated under the pretense that WHITE MEN are SUPERIOR. And, if you pay attention to what’s going on in Washington, you’ll see that our conservative lawmakers’ policies are based on that same mentality today.

Do you think this country would be better if things were more like they were in the 60’s? Or, do you agree with the progress we’ve made toward equal rights for ALL AMERICANS? Do your research, decide where you stand and VOTE to make your voice heard!

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