Cult Mentality

First, I’ll set the scene.
Tuesday’s MAGA Rally in Hershey, PA. As per the norm, seated behind POTUS (and, therefore, always on camera) is a group of the most enthusiastic, over-the-top Trump fans you’ll ever see. During his speech, we suddenly see these people start pointing and booing at something in the crowd seated opposite them.

We soon discover the object of their discontent. A female in the throng is holding up a sign in protest of the man on stage. She’s not raising hell or anything… just simply holding a sign over her head. Trump realizes what’s going on and gives the throw her out thumb sign. “Get her out. Get her out.”

Now on camera, we see the lady kind of walking in circles trying for a few extra seconds of media coverage for her message. One security guy is there, holding his arms up with hands out, blocking her without physically touching her until she turns and heads toward the exit. It was over in all of 15 seconds without any dramatics.

But, since we all know how much Donnie likes drama, it shouldn’t be surprising that he wasn’t happy with the way the security guard handled the situation. He started mocking the guy’s stance and complaining about the “political correct” way he ejected the female (who was about 1/2 his size). “Who is that guy? He didn’t do a very good job. We don’t want to be politically correct, We want her out of here!”. The supporters behind him respond accordingly – yelling in outrage at the woman, then laughing at the “pc” security guard.

As always, the spectators in the seats being POTUS become the background during his rally speeches. They get a whole lot of camera time. We see their reaction to his rhetoric. Whether it be anger, humor, praise or just breaking out in a chant – they respond as if on cue. They agree with anything and everything he says – fervently. It makes for good tv, almost too good. Is all this for real? Is it just strategic seating placement or is the “peanut gallery” members actually actors? Are they getting paid to be so frenzied? I sure as hell hope so, because, if not, that shit is scary.

That kind of devotion – blind dedication to another human because in your eyes, they can do no wrong, is not support. It’s worship. Cult mentality. Have you ever heard a cult story with a happy ending? Believing those Trumpsters were told to act like maniacs makes me feel a hell of a lot better.

No matter on which side your political views lie, you have the right to your opinion. And, If you really do agree with all of Trump’s policies and actions, that’s your business. But, if you see him as perfect, and never question anything he does just because it’s him, you may be caught up in the spectacle.

If you think the calm, professional and peaceful way thet security guard did his job was “too politically correct”, you definitely need a reality check. Vote for who you want to, but don’t condone that kind of behavior in anyone – especially not the man who holds this country’s highest office. Bullying is dangerous on any level. And, coming from the POTUS on a daily basis, it’s terrifying. To stand by silently is to say you think it’s okay.

We, the people have become so divided. Trump’s behavior, not his politics, is, in my opinion, the biggest reason why. I really hope the people in the “photo op” seats are getting paid

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